The benefits of doing yoga

The term yoga was derived from a Sanskrit word “yuji” that means union or yoke. It is an ancient practice that makes mind and body work together. It is more on meditation, breathing exercises, different poses specifically made to encourage mind relaxation and helps to reduce stress. Doing yoga is believed to have many benefits for physical and mental health to every human being. Below are some benefits according to some studies.

Decrease stress

To reduce stress and gives relaxed feelings are two main reasons that attract people in doing yoga. There is a scientific study made from the past that yoga decreases secretion of stress hormone called cortisol. One study made in Singapore has shown the effect of yoga between 15 women who are all suffering from emotional stress. They were given a three month barre classes in Singapore a combination of yoga and pilates.  After the program, they significantly had a lower level of cortisol. Stress, anxiety and depression were reduced as well. Doing regular yoga can truly make a difference to someone else life especially its mental health.

Treats anxiety

A lot of individual have been enrolling to yoga classes to cope up with their feeling of anxiety. There is a study that proves yoga can help people suffering from severe anxiety and fear due to a traumatic event that happened to their lives. It is not yet clear on how yoga can reduce anxiety. Though one thing for sure, after every class, everyone can have a good sense of peace which can basically relieves anxiety.

Improve heart’s health

Having a healthy heart is an essential factor to having an overall good health. Doing a regular yoga exercise can improve heart’s health and helps to reduce high risk factors that can cause heart diseases. Also, having a healthy lifestyle together with a regular yoga exercise can surely lower blood pressure.

Improve the quality of life

Nowadays, some doctors send their cancer patients to different yoga classes. It helps them incorporate a good mood and aura. It decreases nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy. It gives them a high level of relaxation and acceptance that also makes them feel well and happy. Yoga is also believed to contribute in having a good sleep that makes anyone wake up in the morning with a positive outlook in life no matter what disease or problem they are facing.

Flexibility and balance

By doing different yoga poses and position, one can improve its flexibility and balance. No matter on what age group you are, doing those simple yoga stretches 15 to 30 minutes everyday can enhance your flexibility and balance. A good posture is a bonus as well in doing yoga.

Improve breathing

As yoga is incorporated with different breathing exercise, it can help to keep lungs and heart healthy all the time. Yoga is important as well for those suffering with lung disease and asthma as it can help to increase human’s vital capacity or the proper way to measure the amount of air expelled from our lungs.